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Welcome to the soon-to-be released Bnieuws website! 

Bnieuws is the independent student run periodical of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment (Bouwkunde for short), at the Technical University of Delft. 

With the publication of our latest edition, Digital Space, the editorial board of Bnieuws has come to terms with the virtual context in which we live today. As such, we are busy constructing this website, which will officially launch in February 2021. 

Be sure to subscribe below so that you can stay notified about the website’s launch, as well as the publication of future editions. This way, even if you don’t get to walk through our faculty building, you’ll still be able to hear the voices of the students and staff of Bouwkunde.

The background animation is a follow up on the cover of Digital Space. On the physical cover, God gives adam the QR code which probably led you to this website. Visualised here is Adam shoving past editions of Bnieuws onto a conveyor belt that takes them towards heaven; uploading them to the cloud, where they will soon be available for you to read.

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