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The independent periodical of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at the Delft University of Technology


Letting Go
Letting Go
January 2023

As a new year surprises us yet again, and deadlines start piling up, we find ourselves re-evaluating old habits in yearly tradition of flaw-searching. The small things which, if only we could let go off, would allow us to become the best possible version of ourselves. We set huge milestones which, this time for sure, will turn our life upside down - for the better! But at that time of self-imposed pressure, maybe we should stop letting go of our old habits, and instead let go of the judgment altogether? Take a deep, affirming breath and dive into the pages of this January edition.

Editorial Team

Tuyen Le, Saartje Nibbering, Zuza Sliwinska, Emilie Stecher, Maja Liro, Sem Verwey

With contributions from:

Romea Muryń, Kevin Lai, Abhijeet Chandel, Alessandro Rognoni

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In this new beautiful edition, you can read stories about nostalgia for home and food, AI-created architecture, dreaming of a better climate future, how each of us positions themselves in cities as we dream, the Metaverse reality and more!

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