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The independent periodical of the Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment at the Delft University of Technology


November 2022

Designs, whether they be buildings, products, or fashion, may trigger tingling sensations in us. However, some are difficult to swallow, leaving us with a nasty aftertaste. ‍We digest bad news, to get over something and try to find our way around it. But we also digest information and knowledge. We are constantly bombarded with fresh content, especially in our academic environment.

Editorial Team

Jonas Althuis, Oliwia Jackowska, Tuyen Le, Saartje Nibbering, Zuza Sliwinska, Emilie Stecher

With contributions from:

Federico Ruiz, Nathan Kramer, Job Schroën, Anouk Fontaine, Jonathan Kaye, María Novas, Alessandro Rognoni

As closing event for our Dreamscapes Edition, we're doing an article reading and discussion.

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In this new beautiful edition, you can read stories about nostalgia for home and food, AI-created architecture, dreaming of a better climate future, how each of us positions themselves in cities as we dream, the Metaverse reality and more!

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Our latest edition, Onbekend Maakt Onbemind, is out! Grab yourself a copy at the faculty or read it online here!

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