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The Realm of Comfort
The Realm of Comfort
January 2024

Whether you want to make a chair, a building or a city, satisfying the given needs is broadly regarded as an inherent part of designing. Objects mould themselves into asatisfactory form, to comfort the user. This aspect of design regards ergonomics, like a wavy keyboard, but also temperature in buildings, or accessibility to amenities. Over time we have learned to pamper ourselves to great extent, to the point even where comfort is taken for granted.

In this issue we explore the position that comfort occupies towards us. As we naturally desire more and more of it, we numb ourselves to a state of sensory deprivation. Sometimes the search for comfort achieves the complete opposite. The designed world, catered to our will, betrays us sometimes. We know comfort to serve us, but with soaring numbers for depression, obesity and loneliness, and with architecture contributing to that, haven't we started to serve comfort? The question remains: how to cope with this terrible revelation? The challenge for designers is to know where to let go, where to induce, and where to rule. The realm of comfort questions the authority of the designer.

Editorial Team

Tuyen Le, Nathan Döding, Stefan Gzyl, Karolina Krajčíková, Sem Verwey

With contributions from:

Jesper Harrington, Jeremy Hill, Ricardo Avella

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