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Onbekend Maakt Onbemind
Onbekend Maakt Onbemind
May 2022

Don’t worry, it’s not going to be a Dutch language edition. The title translates quite directly to “unknown makes unloved”, a saying that addresses the problem of the world around us just being too big for our understanding. Some of us dearly want to love and care for everything around, but how can you love what you don't know? This edition is about opening up the bubbles that we seem to live in, in search for what lies beyond.

Editorial Team

Inez Margaux Spaargaren, Robert van Overveld, Oliwia Jackowska, Jonas Althuis, Alessandro Rognoni, Tuyen Le

With contributions from:

Vineet Dhall, Nathan Kramer

Our latest edition, Onbekend Maakt Onbemind, is out! Grab yourself a copy at the faculty or read it online here!

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Where? is out now!
March 1, 2022

Our February 2022 edition, "Where?", is out now! Grab your copy at the faculty!

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