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Optimism and Pessimism

Optimism and Pessimism
Optimism and Pessimism
June 2021

Over the past year we have all learnt that sometimes things do not turn out the way we expect. When writing or designing however, we sometimes project personal bias onto our work. Based on our own experiences and individual preferences, we can have either a more positive or negative perspective. This edition explores the themes and subjects in the spectrum between Optimism and Pessimism.

With contributions from:

Louisa Hollander, Hidde Dijkstra, Valentin Zech, Oscar Nowak

Past, Pandemic, Future
October 1, 2021

Over the summer, the Bnieuws team worked hard on our contribution to the "What have we learned?" exhibition that took place in the orange hall of the faculty in September. The exhibition, organised by the BK EXPO team, invited various groups and committees at the faculty to explore what the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic would be for architecture, city planning and education. With our contribution, we revisited all of the things that the Bnieuws team did throughout the pandemic period, and invited visitors to share their own experiences of what they learned.

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Editors Wanted!
September 8, 2021

Bnieuws is looking for a new editor to join our team!

The latest edition of Bnieuws is now available at the faculty and online! This edition explores colours and the diverse meanings and interpretations they can have, both in architecture and in our personal lives. Get your copy at the faculty or start reading online!

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