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May 2021

Before 1856, people had to catch 12.000 snales to produce 1,4 grams of the colour purple, that's why you don't see purple flags until recent times. In west-african cultures people used the colour blue during death and bereavement ceremonies, which is why slaves who worked on the Southern plantations sang about "the blues" in their songs. With this edition, we explore the diverse meanings and interpretations that different colours have.

With contributions from:

Lucie Castillo-Ros, Valentin Zech, Carmen Wientjes, Erik Ootes, Maria Christopoulou, Georgia Katsi

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The latest edition of Bnieuws is now available at the faculty and online! This edition explores colours and the diverse meanings and interpretations they can have, both in architecture and in our personal lives. Get your copy at the faculty or start reading online!

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For our February edition of Taboo, we worked with Urbanism student Raven van der Steen to create a linocut design that represented the visual symbology of taboos. Of the 400 copies that we printed of this edition, 350 had a digitally printed version of this cover design. For the remaining 50, we hand-printed the linocut onto the front covers, creating 50 unique editions. See our process here!

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March 10, 2021

Bnieuws is looking for a new editor! Interested?

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