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February 2021

Taboo you, taboo me, taboo everybody. Some things are better left unsaid, but that’s better for who exactly? Since expressing yourself is healthy, we will talk about taboos in this edition. That can be casual ones, in architecture, worldly, whatever feels best. More and more conversations are beginning to idle, we believe it is better to stay in conversation. So, let’s do that!

With contributions from:

Katarzyna Soltysiak, Ecaterina Stefanescu, Alessandro Rognoni, Ana Herreros, Jin Chang, Juliette Khoo, Ulf Hackauf, Anne van den Berg, Raven van der Steen

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For our February edition of Taboo, we worked with Urbanism student Raven van der Steen to create a linocut design that represented the visual symbology of taboos. Of the 400 copies that we printed of this edition, 350 had a digitally printed version of this cover design. For the remaining 50, we hand-printed the linocut onto the front covers, creating 50 unique editions. See our process here!

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March 10, 2021

Bnieuws is looking for a new editor! Interested?

Call for Pen pals!
March 9, 2021

We're looking for new pen pals! Want to share your art or develop your writing skills? Sign up! For our March special edition, we want to reflect on this past year and the difficulties we've all been dealing with. Want to share your story or the ways you've managed to stay sane? Contact us!

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