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Humour is out!
October 28, 2021

Humour, the first edition of the 21/22 academic year, is out now! Get your copy at the faculty or read it online! This edition explores the topic Humour, the glue that some claim holds our society together. In it, we explore stereotypes, the anatomy of jokes, serious architects, funny projects, coping mechanisms and much more!

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Past, Pandemic, Future
October 1, 2021

Over the summer, the Bnieuws team worked hard on our contribution to the "What have we learned?" exhibition that took place in the orange hall of the faculty in September. The exhibition, organised by the BK EXPO team, invited various groups and committees at the faculty to explore what the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic would be for architecture, city planning and education. With our contribution, we revisited all of the things that the Bnieuws team did throughout the pandemic period, and invited visitors to share their own experiences of what they learned.

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Editors Wanted!
September 8, 2021

Bnieuws is looking for a new editor to join our team!

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Optimism and Pessimism is out now, get your copy at the faculty! This edition explores the importance of our perspective and the way it can shape our design process, attitude and lives in general. Featuring a collaboration with the 2021 INDESEM team, who share their experiences in planning the INDESEM event and the ups and downs they went through throughout the year.

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The latest edition of Bnieuws is now available at the faculty and online! This edition explores colours and the diverse meanings and interpretations they can have, both in architecture and in our personal lives. Get your copy at the faculty or start reading online!

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For our February edition of Taboo, we worked with Urbanism student Raven van der Steen to create a linocut design that represented the visual symbology of taboos. Of the 400 copies that we printed of this edition, 350 had a digitally printed version of this cover design. For the remaining 50, we hand-printed the linocut onto the front covers, creating 50 unique editions. See our process here!

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We're Hiring!
March 10, 2021

Bnieuws is looking for a new editor! Interested?

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Call for Pen pals!
March 9, 2021

We're looking for new pen pals! Want to share your art or develop your writing skills? Sign up! For our March special edition, we want to reflect on this past year and the difficulties we've all been dealing with. Want to share your story or the ways you've managed to stay sane? Contact us!

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Chris, thank you!
March 1, 2021

With our February 2021 edition Taboo, we are saying goodbye to Chris, one of the main-editors of Bnieuws in the last two years. With his relevant interviews during the Black Lives Matter movement, his creative puzzles in the dialogue edition and his intriguing philosophical thoughts in all his articles, he truly left his mark on this magazine. Chris, you have been the backbone of this magazine; thank you for everything.

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TABOO Delivery!
February 22, 2021

With the faculty closed, and a stricter lockdown than ever, we've had to think of a new way to get you the latest edition of Bnieuws: Taboo! For this edition, we're printing 200 copies, 150 of which we will ship to addresses within the Netherlands. Sign up at the link below to get your copy! We're planning to ship around the 5th of March (05/03/2021). The edition will of course also be available online!

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