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Pen pals

Interested in becoming a pen pal?

With every new edition of Bnieuws, we ask our readers for contributions. In the past, we've done this by maintaining a mailing list of 'pen pals', whom we contact when we are starting a new edition. We will continue to do this, but the call for contributions for every new edition will also be shown below on this page. We leave the choice to you: if you'd like to be emailed when we are starting a new edition, sign up below, otherwise, you can find the theme for the upcoming edition below!

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For the theme of the new issue, we are looking for something easy going; hence LETTING GO is the theme of the upcoming 56/03 issue!

As a new year surprises us yet again, and deadlines start piling up, we find ourselves re-evaluating old habits in yearly tradition of flaw-searching. The small things which, if only we could let go off, would allow us to become the best possible version of ourselves. We set huge milestones which, this time for sure, will turn our life upside down - for the better! But at that time of self-imposed pressure, maybe we should stop letting go of our old habits, and instead let go of the judgment altogether? Take a deep, affirming breath and see what comes next on the pages of the January edition.

The deadline for a contribution to this theme will be Friday, January 6th, 2023. Being a pen pal means you can write, draw, take photos, make poems, collages, etc. as long as it can fit into the theme. The process is simple:

1. Reach out to us about your idea/draft through email or Instagram

2.   We give feedback

3.    You submit the final draft with the media/image of your choice.

4.    We do final edits and share them with you.

5.    You approve the final edits

6.    FINISH!

Please enjoy pondering on the theme and start creating!

Deadline for submissions:

January 6, 2023