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With every new edition of Bnieuws, we ask our readers for contributions. In the past, we've done this by maintaining a mailing list of 'pen pals', whom we contact when we are starting a new edition. We will continue to do this, but the call for contributions for every new edition will also be shown below on this page. We leave the choice to you: if you'd like to be emailed when we are starting a new edition, sign up below, otherwise, you can find the theme for the upcoming edition below!

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The upcoming February edition of Bnieuws will revolve around the theme of TABOO. With this call for contributions we ask of you as a writer, interviewer, illustrator, or photographer to discuss, ruminate or expose those taboos revolving around the urban environment and its people. Alternatively, you might have uncovered some taboo within our own faculty of Bouwkunde.

With Taboo, we encourage you all to search for the limits, the things considered 'better left unsaid', the elephants in the room, the impolite, and the uncomfortable regarding architecture and the built environment, or our faculty building. 

It is those things easier swept under the rug that we are asking you to bring into the light, without doing this we remain ignorant; speaking into an echo chamber of our own prejudices, assumptions, and inconsiderate design decisions.

Pure text submissions have a maximum word limit of 2400 words which equates to approximately four pages of our hard copy editions. Roughly 50 to 100 words should be reserved for a blurb, or outro. We also would appreciate that you give a sentence or two to say who you are, what part of your study you’re in, etc. so that we can tell the world! If you intend to add images, the maximum word limit will likely decrease to ensure that your total work fits within the four pages.

Please send us a proposal of what you intend to publish before you begin writing so that we can give you the greenlight, and assure that we don’t have too much content for the limited size of the printed version.

We wish you happy writing.

Deadline for submissions:

February 15, 2021