Guide to formatting (this is an h1)

Heading 2: to be determined.

Heading 3: ID-link: this text gets a special ID that can be linked to using the url of the article and adding #link to the end.

Heading 4: middle aligned body text.

HEADING 5: left-aligned image captions
Heading 6: right-aligned body text that has a default offset from the left side so that it doesn't reach further than a certain amount.

This is body text.

This is bold body text.

This is italic body text.

This is body text in a block quote.
  1. Numbered list
  2. Second point
  • Bulleted list
  • Second point
Caption styling

Headers or interview questions at the top of paragraphs should just be bolded text, don't use a heading for that.

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A link in the text will look like this!

Just use a regular break to space paragraphs, like the one above ↑. Make sure there is no break at the very end of the article body ↓.