We worked on Colours throughout the month of April, each picking the colour we were interested in and writing about it. We asked out pen pals to do the same, with the articles of the edition covering the visible colour spectrum. Each article explores a colour in a unique way; from the red and yellow hues that bricks can have, to the light blue tint of architectural photography and the effect that it creates, to the humble domain of the toilet and the design implications thereof.

With the goal of creating a colourful printed edition in mind, we also explored ways to show this spectrum of colours in the edition and perhaps more importantly the transitions from one colour to another. In the end, we went with a gradient that runs throughout the edition, transitioning smoothly from one colour to the next. In some ways, we see this gradient as representing the diverse yet interrelated meanings that the theme of an edition might have. Different interpretations of the same topic, sharing similar characteristics, blending together.

With our next edition, the final one of this academic year, we will explore the theme of Optimism and Pessimism. For the first time, we allowed readers to choose the theme, which we did via a poll on Instagram. This edition will come out inthe middle of June, just in time for the summer holidays. The call for contributions (due 28th of May) is also out! See it here.

For now, we wish you happy reading in our Colours edition!