BKINO (a bnieuws initiative) and the Community Office is organising a film festival on the 7th of June at the BK revolving around the good, the bad, and the in-between of the term 'diversity'. For one night only, the festival is open to students and staff from our faculty and those from other faculties at the TU Delft campus. There will be a main program with big films on big screens and a side program. We invite students and staff to show short films they like, or even better, made themselves, on smaller screens near the Espresso Bar.

There will be drinks and snacks, soft pillows to cuddle up, and a discussion on diversity with a beautiful discussion panel consisting of Cecile Calis, Robert Gorney and Klodiana Millona, moderated by Irvi Çela — a perfect informal, relaxed setting to explore and immerse.

The Community Office hosts these kinds of events, in cooperation with existing organisations at BK, regularly to create space and time to learn about different experiences in the field of diversity — to talk about personal experiences safely and respectfully to better understand each other's positions and struggles. You can think of events around ability, sexuality, roots, etc. The scale of the events varies; there will be smaller intimate dinners, more significant events like the film festival, and expositions. The common ground is curiosity about each other's experiences and the longing to learn and share. The Community Office cooperates with the Diversity office; it is a cross-fertilisation between knowing what's happening in the BK community and adapting policy. The outcome of discussions in the community events may lead to a change in perspectives useful in the faculty…and vice versa.