Hanneke and Socsila are head of the cleanteam of BK. Whereas Hanneke works for the TU Delft, Socila is actually from GOM, an external cleaning company. Together they manage a cluster of 5 campus buildings, keeping the faculty from breakdown. The hierarchy in management is a spaghetti, but surprisingly, which sometimes brings us to interesting situations, where responsibilities and practicality overlap. Because GOM is an external company, they are not allowed to touch any property that belongs to students. To allow them to wipe the tables anyways, the TU Delft facility team goes around every morning at 6, to remove waste. "It is one of my main concerns", Socsila says. "Sometimes students come in so early, and we don't have the time to clean." -"Do you wish students would sometimes look after their cleaners a little more?" "Well, although they sometimes have a lot of waste, I wouldn't tell them to clean up. The students don't have to look after us. Otherwise, we wouldn't have a job." Despite regulatory gibberish, the duo are always right on top of things.

Only in the absence of care, it's relevance is understood. The closely fabricated structure of maintenance is preventing the Bouwkunde building from any sort of breakdown. We go around with Ayse to see what work she does. She first flushes the toilets, cleans them, cleans the sink, washes the floor. Ayse has been working for the faculty for 23 years.