To be honest, I never dated an architect although I am one (very rare*), and I will probably not date one in a short time, but to answer the question properly I asked my friend Google. According to Google, at least 10 pages answer the question "What are the perks of dating an architect?" of which sites also answer the question with the don'ts. Fun fact, the question is asked just as often as the questions: perks of dating a doctor, older woman, younger guy and an overthinker...

*An interactive infographic published by Bloomberg told me out of the information of 3,5 million households that architects are most likely to marry within their profession.

Architects are unique; you could certainly say that. Architects are often described as a mix of creative and tech with characteristics such as a dreamer, perfectionist, solution-oriented, and excellent social skills. For many, these personal characteristics sound like a unique set of characteristics that the opposite sex tends to find very attractive.  

But what's the point of dating an architect?
This is what I found out with the help of Google:

1) You have your own tour guide on holiday! “Your boyfriend/girlfriend knows all the beautiful places and sights by heart. When it was built, how it was made and what the next attraction is. So if you are both architects, the trip is going to be intense!”

2) A significant advantage is that if you are not good at doing laundry, your boyfriend/girlfriend’s is straightforward. “Biggest tip: use detergent for black or dark clothes, they will be pleased!”

3) Essential to mention, you have fresh and tasty coffee every morning. “The greatest addiction of an architect, really. I think at least 99.9% of all architects love a cup of coffee. If you are not a coffee lover, I think it is convenient to get some good coffee at home.”

4) If something does not turn out as you would like, architects have invented the art of patience, after years of patiently waiting for renders, 3d models, and computer crashes. “They know how to help you in the most stressful situations. But don't you dare disturb them when they have a deadline; you better hold your breath. When you’re an architect too, you can try to help! (success is not guaranteed)”

5) Not to mention they have excellent photoshop skills. “So you might think, what could I use that for besides photos? Well, changing numbers and letters are done in 5 minutes. Who knows, you might use it once in a while; a mistake is easily made.”

6) Not to forget. An enormous collection of pens, pencils, fine liners, notebooks, rulers and office supplies. “Need something? Name it, and they have it. And don't get me wrong, be careful, but these are not just any pens. One of these pens can cost up to 8 euros. Yes, really.”

7) Architects are good at staying awake and do not need to sleep very much in order to function. They most likely learned this during their studies or job. When deadline stress increases, the hours will not stay 9 to 5. “I could imagine that this is a great advantage when you have children - those sleepless nights suddenly become a lot easier.”

8) They are computer nerds. From the latest hard drive to the newest version of Rhino. “Whether you should use Mac or Windows? They can answer it with ease. It's handy, a new keyboard? They'll figure out which one is best in no time.

Sounds like a dream, doesn't it? But… There is something you need to know.

The moment they started architecture school, their hearts were already taken. Their love is their profession, and that passion goes so far that designing a building often takes priority over their dating life. And as an addition to the dating part, you may find that you suddenly have some extra architecture friends for free.
Would you instead find someone who is not an architect? After this article, I don't think so...

Ps. if you think these things don't comprehend to your architect. Take in mind that I just described the stereotype ;).