1. Hi, how are you?
  2. What is architecture?
  3. What is not architecture?
  4. What is good architecture?
  5. Who’s qualified to judge good from bad?
  6. What is urban planning?
  7. What is not urban planning?
  8. How many architects does it take to change a light bulb?
  9. Why do we learn what we learn?
  10. How do you teach design?
  11. What do we know?
  12. What don’t we know?
  13. How do we know we know what we know?
  14. What are the shortcomings of our education?
  15. What happens to those for whom our education system doesn’t work?
  16. Why don’t we learn from working professionals related to our profession, such as construction workers, during our studies?
  17. What made online learning so unpleasant?
  18. What’s your favourite course?
  19. What’s your least favourite course?
  20. Do we spend more or less hours throughout our studies than the 8,400 hours equal to the 300 ECTS of a Bachelor and Master degree?
  21. How much of what we learn will we have forgotten by the time we’re done?
  22. How much coffee is consumed at our faculty in a day?
  23. Which coffee is your go-to from the machines?
  24. How many coffees did you drink today?
  25. Too many?
  26. How big could you make the biggest PDF (in file size)?
  27. How big could you make the biggest PDF (in format)?
  28. How many litres of beer has the Bouwpub sold since it first opened?
  29. How much money will the faculty spend on heating this winter?
  30. Why is the food in the cafeteria so expensive?
  31. How many kilometres are collectively walked in our faculty in a day?
  32. Where were you 108 weeks ago?
  33. Where might you be 108 weeks from now?
  34. Where are you now?
  35. Why are you now?
  36. When is the deadline?
  37. Describe yourself in one word?
  38. How’s your digestion?
  39. What are you having for dinner tonight?
  40. Are you hungry?
  41. How did you end up here?
  42. What inspires you?
  43. When did you feel inspired recently?
  44. What did you enjoy learning recently?
  45. What’s the most important piece of knowledge you possess?
  46. Why don’t we ever visit the second page of Google?
  47. Is social media dying?
  48. Why do architects learn Illustrator but illustrators don’t learn architectural programs?
  49. Why has no one created a procedural engine for programs like Illustrator or Photoshop?
  50. How does Adobe get away with making their software so expensive?
  51. Has anyone tried those Affinity apps as Adobe replacement? 
  52. Are they any good?
  53. Why are we fine with subscription-based models for software and other services?
  54. Why do we still need to save documents manually?
  55. Why do computers crash?
  56. Why did my file corrupt?
  57. Archicad, Revit or Vectorworks?
  58. What will architectural software look like in the future?
  59. How much longer will a mouse and keyboard remain the best way to operate a computer?
  60. What is the least amount of time you can write a 3000-word paper in with properly cited sources?
  61. What is the most amount of time you can spend on a 300-word project summary?
  62. Why don’t we do more excursions?
  63. Why is the Orange Hall tribune so uncomfortable to sit on?
  64. Why do we use projects we’ve never visited in real life as references for our designs?
  65. What’s your favourite building?
  66. What’s your favourite public space?
  67. What’s your favourite urban intervention?
  68. What make these your favourites?
  69. How many buildings does the average person visit in a lifetime?
  70. How many buildings does the average architect visit in a lifetime?
  71. What are your strengths?
  72. What are your weaknesses?
  73. What are you working on improving?
  74. How will you know you’ve improved?
  75. What do you dream of doing?
  76. Which place do you dream of visiting?
  77. Where would you be if you weren’t studying or working at our faculty currently?
  78. What’s your biggest regret in the context of studying or working at the faculty?
  79. What would you do differently if you could do the past five years over again?
  80. How many square metres of double-pane glass are there in Europe?
  81. How many bricks are there in all of the buildings in The Netherlands?
  82. How many cubic metres of concrete are poured in the world every second?
  83. How many windows are broken in the world every minute?
  84. In how many different countries is my cloud data located?
  85. What’s your favourite Bnieuws edition?
  86. What’s your favourite Bnieuws article?
  87. How much of a Bnieuws edition does the average Bnieuws reader read?
  88. What’s a good theme for a future edition of Bnieuws?
  89. Have you read my other articles?
  90. Did you know Bnieuws has a website (Bnieuws.nl)?
  91. What is the importance of media and publishing in the architectural field?
  92. What is the value of an independent student-led magazine at our faculty?
  93. Where do you get your information?
  94. What do you think the faculty is missing or could improve on?
  95. Did you know that architecture used to be an Olympic sport?
  96. Are you excited for winter?
  97. Which of the chairs in the faculty’s chair collection is the most comfortable?
  98. Are expensive chairs more comfortable?
  99. Quantity or quality?
  100. How do you get yourself out of a creative block?
  101. What is the state of equality in our field?
  102. What should the role of architects and planners be in society?
  103. How often do you reflect on the state of your life?
  104. What are you thankful for?
  105. In which ways are you privileged?
  106. What is the meaning of life?
  107. Why did I think it would be easy to think of 108 interesting and relevant questions?
  108. What did you think of these questions?