At the central point of our face, we find the nostrils, bridge, ala, apex, and root of our nose. The sense of smell, or olfaction, is the ability to detect and identify odors in the environment. Within our nasal cavity, the sensory cells respond to all types of odors, and associate them with the pieces of memories in our mind. Smell of the London smog, the American creamy Cinnabon, the Dutch rain, or the Korean BBQ feast… they complete our ability to feel and relive the moments once again. While good smells are associated with pleasure and indulgence, they can also be linked to danger. For the purpose of awakening your olfactory cells with goodness, the smell is derived from nature itself, so fearnot, they are still pleasant and aromatic.

Bringing to the BK City are snippets of the smellscape from Central America. They were found in a factory in Bisonó (Dominican Republic) and from the streets of Colonia Cuauhtémoc (Mexico City).

While these scents are parts of my memories, which of your memories can be awakened through them?

So come closer

Take a whiff of it

Try to link the smell with one of your memories

And let the wood know what you remember…