‘‘Our initiative has START-ed with strong intentions. The devastation and loss of life, livelihoods and shelter in Syria and Turkey prompted feelings of urgency in many of us. START is a collaborative attempt to engage productively with the changing needs of people that have been affected by the earthquakes in Syria and Turkey.’’

URGENT: The Syrian Turkish Architectural Recovery Team is holding an exhibition during the workshop week at the west side staircase of the Faculty of Architecture. The exhibition is a space for gathering and exchanging information and experiences. It will immerse visitors in Turkish and Syrian culture, with important cultural traditions like sharing tea and food, and discussing local conditions. With current footage from affected areas and testimonies from community members, the exhibition aims to provide a better understanding of the situation. This is a crucial opportunity to create positive encounters and foster growth. START is a work in progress, and we need your participation to ensure its success. Come and join us at our faculty, share your thoughts and ideas, and let’s START talking, learning, and creating a better future together.

Destruction of Earthquakes in Turkey