Hidden in a cupboard behind the Information Desk, there are objects that have been dropped, left, missed and inevitably forgotten. House keys, a broken bracelet and a pair of model hall protection glasses are only a few of the random objects. Many of these are not cheap at all - The North Face jacket, Acne Studios scarf, Airpods, keys and many many water bottles.

Through winter and summer, in rain or sun, thirsty, cold and with their phones uncharged, the people of the faculty keep losing more and more precious objects. We can only imagine the circumstances in which these precious items were lost. Possibly, the rush and excitement of a final presentation blurred out the ability to pay attention to a treasured bracelet which caught on the edge of a finely crafted model split and fell on the ground to be written off as a loss forever. And maybe the concentration on forming that beautiful model also blurred the vision and the protective glasses were no longer noticed and transported on top of a certain nose all the way to the studio space, where they fell on the floor and never returned to the model hall after that.

Do you have your own story of a lost object? And maybe you recognise any of these objects? You can reunite with the lost and forgotten artefacts and give them some love again in the Lost & Found of BK City.