During INDESEM.21, one colour was not missed; this colour represented at the end of the event not only the neon fluorescent pink tape anymore. 

Each participant received a roll of tape in their INDESEM starter kit. Not all participants lived in the Netherlands, so of course, these were then sent to them. Almost all packages arrived on time...

Initially, the rolls of tape were intended for the photo contest. This contest consisted of sticking tape in a specific artistic way to create a DATASCAPE. All over the world, this was carried out. In retrospect, there were crazy incidents with the police or bystanders. Fortunately, it was greatly appreciated and photographed by many. 

As INDESEM board, we all have crazy good memories of this tape. Read them below:

Hidde: “Tape is a metaphor for life. You think it never ends, and then it does.”
Inez: “Subtle yet striking, this tape does well for everything. Lines of tape in the form of an art object, or just sticky tape.”
Louisa: “This tape is a means to add structure, direction and colour to your life.”
Willem: “The sticky waste is a serious problem. Because it sticks to humans, everything is neon pink, where is a bin?, a random bike, and who's making the photo?”
Tijmen: “Our life is all about colourful offline connections, just like the life of this tape.”
Elina: “Tape to brighten up the situation, while trying to keep everything falling apart, together.”
Valentin: “A street sign, a public space, a laptop, a shoe. If you stick a little piece of the tape onto some objects, they suddenly belong together. It's a piece of tape.”
Nadine: “In the end; my macbook, charger, airpods, phone became part of the pink world…”