I buy this pen in packs of six. Because there are no Muji-stores in the Netherlands I’m buying when I’m abroad or ask other people to buy them for me. Since I always have a large stock, I can put one in each of my bags. Like most architects I am a bit of an office stationery fetishist. For me, Muji-stores are almost like heaven. They sell elegant business card cases and minimalist sketch and notebooks in various sizes. On top of that they also sell beautiful folders and storage boxes. I like my pen because it’s very reliable, functional and long-lasting, and it really is, but of course, I also like it because it looks very good. With its translucent case and Japanese signs on a little sticker, it radiates the coolness associated with the years that formed the development of my taste: the eighties. In the meantime, my favorite artefact, with its polypropylene holder, no longer radiates coolness, but plastic waste. In my defense I can report that I also often use found pens that I encounter in all kinds of places. So, I’m afraid I’ll have to say goodbye to my favorite pen soon. Just like SUV’s and disposable coffee cups it will quickly disappear into oblivion. Until then I hope that Muji will come up with a rechargeable version.