This is the same as those eldritch horror reminders that you can always feel your tongue fitting in just between your two sets of bottom teeth; after this article you will never be able to un-see this colour again. Yellow is the colour of choice for pretty much anything that wants your attention - warning signs, the personalised OV-Chip cards, even the supermarket Jumbo, they all choose a lovely warm shade of yellow to get your attention - and did you even notice?

I’ve been thinking about it a lot (even if you never did) and, I could be speaking in hyperbole here, but this colour managed to sum up how I’ve experienced the Netherlands so far.

If you live here for a year, you figure out why everyone says that the Dutch love orange: Kings Day; sports teams; free promotional material, they choose orange to represent them. Orange is nationalistic, its the colour people use when they define themselves as Dutch - ‘the people of orange’.

On the other hand, when I ask my Dutch friends what an ‘official’ colour is - they say ‘Blue’.

It’s not exactly a stretch: Delft is synonymous with delfts blauw, the painted pottery; blue is the colour that the government uses for its promotion and even The Hague even has a colour named after it: haagsblauw. You can’t make this stuff up.

Now, stay with me, because now I’d like to talk about colour theory for a moment.

Blue and orange are opposites on the colour wheel, and we all know what opposites look like when together. But, what colour compliments both of them? You guessed it: Caramel Yellow.

Bright enough to cause attention against to the blue, and warm enough to not feel too overbearing when placed next to orange.

Caramel yellow just somehow, subconsciously, became chosen for everything, everywhere, and I personally love it.