First came experiments with the format, as we modified the layout by creating things such as a fold-out, a poster and a fully foldable special issue. We felt that it was not enough. Reflecting critically on the definition of ‘a platform’, we came to a conclusion that it does not have to mean a magazine format exclusively. Bnieuws, in its very assumption, is a platform for discussion in which all BK Citizens can take part.

Nowadays that the social media have taken over most of communication and newscast, also Bnieuws needs to reinterpret the way it expresses the Faculty’s voice and expand towards new possible communication channels, may it be social media, podcasts, meetings with BK Citizens or events. It should be the most dialectical medium in BK City, to which everybody could contribute by sharing their story or opinion, whether it be a compliment or complaint.

Since we wanted to experiment with different communication channels, we organised a symposium on architectural writing. The event brought us much joy and satisfaction, as it confirmed there are numerous writers out there, willing to share their sorrows and joys of writing, thus inspiring us to keep on with it. We also set up an Instagram account, which Jack took over and has been developing like crazy ever since, so make sure to follow us… oops… them at @bnieuws.

As we leave and the new team takes over for the next academic year, we would like to ask them to keep expanding Bnieuws to other media. And that’s a challenge. With a lot of us turning our backs at Facebook, Snapchat facing first users decline and Instagram having been orphaned by its founders, what would be the medium of the future? Video? Podcasts? VR stream? Or maybe a good old conversation? Whatever it is, we hope that Bnieuws will follow. Good night and luck!