Very often we find ourselves coming home with five (or five bags of) new houseplants after having a difficult day or wanting to celebrate a successful presentation at the end of the quarter. But then, a few weeks later, a heavy tear drops down your cheek as you have to throw away another totally ravaged and hence murdered plant that you tried to save to no avail. There are a few things to look out for when we are taking care of plants. Firstly, remember to water them regularly, but watch out not to overwater. You can check the soil with a moisture meter or just your finger to know if it is time to water or not yet. Overwatering is one of the deadliest mistakes for all plants. Another important point is to not spray leaves with water, especially at night to fend-off humidity-loving pests or right before the sun hits their leaves to avoid burns on the exposed surfaces. However, it is helpful to wipe the leaves of larger plants regularly to keep an eye out for these pests and give some nice love to your green babies. The best way to evade disappointment is to research and buy plants which require the amounts of sunlight and humidity that you can provide in your room or house. Any newly bought plants should be kept apart from the other ones for a few weeks to make sure that no new disease spreads on your regular bunch.

As long as you enjoy the process and give your plants the time and attention that they need, you will have a house full of them chilling in the sun, playing with a wool ball and swinging their long vines by your arm, being the new cats and displaying their satisfaction with your efforts.