But I know you. Your life got tough after a year. You married a man who already had a wife and children in North Korea. You were seventeen. Even though he couldn’t meet his family again till he died, you were alone and lonely.

He never understood you.

And finally left you. You raised your four children by yourself. You worked hard in the city and sent the money to your children. Three girls and a boy. You spent your twenties and thirties supporting them. When they went to school, you opened a small snack bar next to the oldest and largest shopping area in the city. You had to earn money for their education.

You loved your son the most. You thought your ex-husband might love you and stay at home if you have a son. You had three girls until you had your first boy. He was clever and good. But even though you had a son, your ex-husband didn’t love you. Your ex-husband left you but you still had your boy besides you. You relied on your boy. He was your son, your husband and your father.

When your boy told you he wants to marry, you were pleased to imagine your life to be free from the pressure to support your children. You said you don't want to do housework any more. Your daughter-in-law should do that. You wanted to take a rest for the first time in your life. When your granddaughters were born, your son suddenly decided to prepare for the national bar exam. He studied well during college and has worked at an insurance company with a good reputation. However, your daughter-in-law’s family hurt his pride. They were all educated and richer than your family. When your first granddaughter was four years old, he left home.

And there were four women left.

I hate religion.
I am afraid of it.
Religion is scary and hilarious.
My grandmother was a sincere Catholic.
My great grandmother was even more sincere than her.
My great grandmother went to church by crossing a mountain back and forth for five hours every morning with her children.
My grandmother used to talk about how much it was hard to leave home before 5am to go to church everyday.
Our family went to church every weekend.
I remember when I took classes in the church to receive my first communion.
I was 10 years old. I got a notebook from the church.
I had to trace and write the bible everyday.
It was one of the required assignments.
I would write the bible for 3 to 4 hours a day but couldn’t finish my assignment.
My mom helped me.
She wrote the bible instead  of  me whenever it was painful to grab the pencil.
There were many sacred gifts in my home including statues of the Virgin Mary and Jesus, old bibles or chapelets.
My grandmother called me and my sister to her room and read bible in every morning before we had breakfast.
I remember that huge, thick and smelly old book.
I remember that book written in tiny tiny lettering.
I remember that morning.

My grandmother was such a self-giving person in the church community.
She did all the dirty work for the community.
When a drunk person threw up at the entrance of the church, she spontaneously volunteered to clean the vomit.
She was Saint Mary with a good reputation.
However, I barely communicated with her.
She had a cold heart.
She was not good at interacting with her own family.
She was active only when she talked about church and her sacred Jesus.
Whenever we asked her for dining out, she rejected.
Whenever we bought some gifts for her, she told us
Why did you spend money on this kinds of thing?"
Then my father said “Mother. Please just say thank you. It is simple”.
Then she said “Okay. Thank you.”
Whenever we spent time and effort to please her, she always scolded us for spending money.
I thought why we were doing this even though she dislikes us.
But my father said “Your grandmother loves you. But she is just not very good at expressing her emotions.”
I didn't understand why she loved church people more than us.
Her stance toward Catholic doctrine was very obdurate.
Whenever I question something in the bible, she told me 
Don't question it. It is the sacred thing. Just believe it first.
Then, you will understand it.

She also told me
You should be obedient to your father.
He is the person who let you to be in this world.
Don't question about his words.
Just follow him
She passed away when I was in college.
Since then, no one in my family goes to church.
No one.
My god died when she died.
And now, I created my own god.

Dictee : “Hello Everyone. I am Dictee. Tonight, I am so honored and excited to introduce an emerging new religion, [Leymusoom]. As an anthropologist, I’ve studied the relationship between feminism and religion for almost 30 years. Last year, I found an interesting movement in California and I’ve observed this community for a year. And fortunately, I have one of the believers of [Leymusoom] here. Today we will have a talk about Leymusoom and the believers. The first session will be about Leymusoom’s mythology about how the world had been created. And in the second session, we will talk about Leymusoom’s believers’ independent shrine culture. For the last session, we will share Leymusoom’s believers’ collective bible writing ceremony.

Originally it was planned to be presented by Bodurinao. However, it is during Tao mumu, which is a special annual training week, Bodurinao will not talk today. So instead of Bodurinao, I will do the presentation. Bodurinao will give us some additional explanation if it is needed and Bodurinao’s spiritual pet will help. We have an interpreter in another room. Let’s start. Before we go on, we will talk about what Leymusoom is.

Leymusoom is a cultural aesthetic and a philosophy of science and history that explores the developing intersection of feminism and religion. It combines elements of science fiction.. historical fiction, fantasy, religion, feminism and magic realism with non-Western cosmologies in order to critique the present-day dilemmas of women and to interrogate and re-examine misogynist religious dogma. It began in 2017 by Bodurinao, to criticize misogynistic religion and make a feminist utopian world. 

Leymusoom addresses themes of patriarchal misogyny through a science fiction lens encompassing a range of academic contributors with an interest in envisioning a Feminist Utopian world.”

In  Leymusoom, there are some rules to create new terms for gender.
Bobo and Eebobo, each mean female and male. And Bbobbo and Eebbobbo each mean vagina and penis. Boeboe is the ideal identity in Leymusoom...
Boeboe means the people who consider themselves beyond gender boundaries. Everyone desires to be Boeboe. Bodurinao became Boeboe about a year ago.