“I feel guilty and powerless being here in the Netherlands while my home country is going through such devastating earthquakes,” Su said. “Families mourn and struggle to survive after a tragedy, leaving thousands homeless without basic necessities. The lack of government support adds to their suffering, leaving them feeling abandoned. However, people worldwide unite to take action against the situation, despite the neglect of authorities.”

The earthquakes in Turkey and Syria caused not only physical destruction, but also emotional devastation, leaving thousands homeless and mourning loved ones. The scenes of suffering have stirred intersensitivity among people worldwide, leading to an outpouring of collective grief and compassion. Communities have rallied to provide aid and support to those affected. These events remind us of the fragility of life and the power of nature, while also highlighting the resilience and strength of humanity in the face of adversity. As the affected areas begin to rebuild, let’s continue to show our sensitivity and support for those affected.

Destruction of earthquakes in Turkey