Building upon this legacy, INDESEM 2023 introduces an exciting theme: "Boundaries." This theme resonates deeply with the architectural community as it encapsulates the perpetual challenges we face within our craft. As architectural students, we continually encounter and grapple with the diverse boundaries that shape our work. From regulatory frameworks to social norms, from advancements in technology to ecological limitations, these factors influence and mould our design process.

But here's the thing: while these external factors hold significance, they should not define the essence of architecture. Instead, we should dare to transcend the physical and social boundaries of our field. By doing so, we can broaden our perspectives and ask ourselves: how can we augment these foundational principles? How can we harness these boundaries to foster growth and expansion rather than restrict ourselves?

The concept of boundaries in architectural theory and practice is complex, with its interpretation varying based on the specific context. Boundaries play a vital role in the design process as they encompass the understanding of construction techniques and the creation of built environments. However, it's important to recognize that boundaries themselves are not fixed; they possess a dynamic nature. In fact, boundaries can act as catalysts, stimulating creative thinking and driving the progress and evolution of the architectural field.

INDESEM 2023 derives from this challenge. It offers an inclusive platform for students, experts, and enthusiasts alike to engage in enlightening discussions and workshops open to everyone. By embracing boundaries as opportunities for creativity and innovation, architects and urban designers can envision and create remarkable designs that positively impact society and the environment. INDESEM 2023 transcends these boundaries. Through shared inspiration and the freedom to think beyond established norms, we can break new ground and create something truly exceptional. The future of architecture depends on our ability to think outside the box and embrace the endless possibilities that lie before us.