It has been decided for us ages ago: 
six sides make a home.

We come from restless wanderers, still
we find our refuge in self-made confinement.

‘My cave is bigger than yours,
cleaner, too.’ ‘Mine has high ceilings and 
room for two cars.’ ‘Mine is stuccoed
masterfully, inside and out.’ ‘My cave is 
air-conditioned, even!’

These six sides are my landmark.
It’s coordinates I invite my friends with.
It’s a stash of memories I don’t want to forget. 
It’s a hideout that helps me remember
where I left
the remainder of me.

Six sides, to be painted purple,
to keep my bed dry and my body warm, 
to provide rest for my restless mind 
and comfort when uncomfortable 
moments strike.

And whenever we wondered where we could belong, 
we took six sides and made them our home.