But if identities can be fixed, they can also be unfixed. The definer, the

imperialist requires metrics to subjugate. The State doesn’t like it when you are in motion.

identify to disidentify (political act) // ‘You call me that, then I will be that, to no longer be defined by you as that, to be that thing’ // ++++

“Like disidentification itself, passing can be a third modality, where a dominant structure is co-opted, worked on and against. The subject who

passes can be simultaneously identifying with and rejecting a dominant form.“

wear it to unwear it, being in something, on the edge of something part ways in part ways not in in all the things simultaneously, while also not being in any of them. deformational by being aimless, formless, it erodes by being un governable unclassifiable incalculable (a dance with an other improvisation, not technique) deterritorialize, then reoccupy - - - - - in attunement with your friend, you become untraceable as instability, responding to each other, in love, in friendship, in the ever shifting (dis)identity //// the dildo pre-dates the penis ///// (to inhabit the very thing you oppose)

— to be in everything and everywhere and outside altogether everywhere all at once—

— to be in literal contradiction and hostility to yourself as a femme and as a misogynist— — the process of becoming is to sort through that— there is no moment of decision or reckoning where you say ‘I am that and now I pursue this fixed line to this fixed point to be that thing in that place and then remain static in that identity’. none of it is understood or coordinated, it is un-locatable and there is no origin, no place to return to even, only our residence