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February 2019




In these, ever-social times, we rely on tags to get our content shared far and wide – but what are the dangers lurking behind closed doors for such a ‘labelling revolution’?

Editorial team

Elena Rossoni, Jan Pruszyński, Jack Oliver Petch, Sam Eadington

With contributions from

Badar Haq, @unfolding_something, Tommi Hilsee, Rogier Bos, @UrbanGoals, Paolo De Martino

Cover design by

Editorial team, inspired by Eva ten Velden


Purposefully aiming to be vague, we chose this month’s theme for the myriad of different interpretations a tag can take. You see them when cataloguing, or identifying objects in a museum; you see them spray painted on the side of walls, denoting an author; children play a game of ‘tag’ on the street, so it begs the question: what do these things all have in common? In these, ever-social times, we rely on tags to get our content shared far and wide – but what are the dangers lurking behind closed doors for such a ‘labelling revolution’?

We sent our series of prompts to our selection of pen-pals and received great correspondence back. Ranging from modernisms’ atonement in the middle east to examples of entrepreneurship in BK, this issue of bnieuws even looks at how sinister the searching for architecture questions feel.

Our Editorial team has been busy too, with Elena’s investigations into the legacy of Queen’s Freddie Mercury after his portrayal in the movie Bohemian Rhapsody, but also looking at the one-of-a-kind, artistic intervention of the controversial monument Valle de los Caidos in Madrid. Jan suggests that you should be listening to podcasts when washing the dishes, and has become obsessed with Sony pictures’ Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. Sam has been musing on the abundance of pools when mammals live on land and then Jack returns with a closing story all about what terror lives in-between the tags.

Post the winter break, it is fair to say that we’ve all been dealing with deadlines and dodging responsibilities when sprinting to the finish line. December feels like a distant memory despite being a few weeks ago and, despite the snowy weather, summer feels like it’s right around the corner. We hope that you savour this issue with a nice hot beverage and snack, comfy clothes and compelling playlist of your favourite tunes.

But remember, as the age-old saying goes: if a tree falls in the middle of the forest and it didn’t get shared online, did it really happen?


Fyre Festival


Fyre Festival was a failed event in 2017 that was created as a marketing tactic to boost traction of the talent booking platform ‘Fyre’, owned by Billy McFarland, a social entrepreneur from New Jersey. What happened is a tale of deception, false identity and manipulation that I haven’t seen since I studied Shakespeare.

Modernism's Secret in the East


We had left. Left the crowd behind. Left the people, chasing cars and vendors that offered their services and goods at every traffic light in the city. Noises, scents and rhythms of colours that adorned the spaces. All the things that incented our senses with joy and indulgence. We took off slowly, elevating ourselves and leaving the habituated world behind.

Freddie Portrayed


Along the release of the movie Bohemian Rhapsody, the legendary figure of Freddie Mercury, lead singer of the band Queen, resurfaces. The movie, even though it includes spectacular performances, left many with big question marks on the protagonist’s portrayal and a possible obscurity on aspects concerning his personal life. In this article, we will take a look on how Mercury was perceived by his contemporaries but also his own fellow band members, who had the final say about the movie.

No Bombing, No Heavy Petting, Just Stay in Your Lanes


I thought I knew where I stood with swimming pools - ideally outside of them, on firm land - but over the course of my graduation project I’ve found myself thrown in the deep end of a cultural waterworld, bathing in symbolism and drifting around lazy rivers of ambiguity.





I have started writing this piece as a review of the new animated “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” film, however it is as well a critique of other superhero movies. I have a huge problem with most of them and I honestly don’t remember the last time I left a cinema wanting more. This one, however, exceeded all my expectations for a genre that I have pretty much written off already. For me it wasn’t only a great superhero movie, most of all it was the best Spider-Man movie I could have hoped for. I honestly loved everything about it.

To Be Identified As Such


I want to talk about identities not as a noun, not as a static fixed, a stagnant item, but as a verb— a string in motion, and more importantly, as something that is given to you, whether you like it or not. Identity is a verb in that it’s very thingness as a thing is made via the act of identifying, tagging, defining, another. To be an identity is intrinsically to be given that identity— an identity which is given— to be identified as such, to navigate the world with that given identity. To be identified is supremely political— it is supremely about power— the power of definition— the power of subjugation. To subjugate the other, the other first must be identified as such and such other, having such and such characteristics, to create those characteristics by the act of saying that they are there, by making an inventory of the things one can be, things to be classified by. They say it is there, so therefore it is there, and therefore you are that. You are fixed to this thing in this location, in this socialized body, in this confined environment— the identified is always the other, the other condemns itself by the invented traits [“the other is less because that is who the other is”] — traits that are exploitable, condemnable— (im)proper(tied).



Along with my architectural studies, the last couple of years I have also become a young entrepreneur running my own small business. It was my architectural background that allowed me to think beyond the design phase. Producing and bringing to the market a sustainable and socially oriented product that comes out of a local small-scale production is the whole mindset on which TOK- concept is established upon.

Artefact: Coffee is a Serious Thing (At Least In Naples)


The main character of this short story is the Aldo Rossi Moka, designed by the famous Italian architect for the brand Alessi in 1988. But the story is about more than just a moka.

Changing the Narrative


Working on places of conflict can be extremely challenging. As soon as a polarised discussion is addressed with a proposal, it is bound to cause some sort of backlash by at least one of the affected parties. There is no clear way out of it. Or is there? Architecture practice Hybrid Space Lab takes a rather unique approach for the re-signification of the controversial site of Valle de los Caídos in Madrid, the burial ground of Spain’s dictator Francisco Franco and 33,000 victims of the country’s brutal civil war.

Podcast, Archi-Podcast


Podcasts are incredible. They can inspire, educate, make us grow, but also just simply entertain. There’s probably a podcast about anything you can imagine, ranging from nuclear science, through film reviews, to Harry Potter fan-fiction. And there’s, of course, countless podcasts about all-thing-architecture. Many are already established podcasts and many new ones appear pretty much every single day.

Land Between Tags


In the beginning, there were many domains, with servers and servants to their kingdoms. All visitors to the different towns lived under the same rules. This was eons of cycles ago, of course. Life was slow. Before devices became smart and the Vista was new. Back then, everything was different – we didn’t have him.

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