The Bnieuws team believes there is quality to the tactility of paper that gives us a greater connection with texts. There is a sense of completeness in the information we get when reading a print media, as compared to the digital platform: merely taking a couple of minutes of your day to step away from the ever-present technology radius, concentrating on holding the magazine in your hands, the tactile engagement of flipping through, back and forth, forth and back. We believe these are necessary in-between moments to refrain from RSI wrists, square eyes and heart palpations ;)

And so, we will lovingly so stick to our hard copy publications - this calendar year at least. However, in taking this analogue path we are challenged in reaching our audiences, in reaching the future-oriented, 2020-you! In the past months, we have observed that we have yet to fully extend our reach to "all voices" in our faculty. Hence, the editorial team has been in process of reshaping Bnieuws, asking ourselves the following questions: "In which article formats do we best represent the faculty as a whole?", and in regard to the promotion and dissemination of the magazine, "Which communication channels can we use to increase our readership?" We took these questions as an opportunity to turn the Bnieuws archive upside down and dig up old issues from the years 2010-2020. This article presents the development Bnieuws Magazine has gone through, both content and format wise. Progressing and improving Bnieuws means engagement with you, our readership. Thus, our 2020 resolution is to strengthen the relation to the faculty and its daily dwellers. Join us on the journey!