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Everything that is, and everything that happens, by virtue of its happening, leaves evidence of its existence. Be it the lines you draw to investigate someone else’s design, or the muddy footprint you’ve left on the faculty doorsteps, you are constantly leaving a trace, and following one made by someone else. Where does it lead? And what do you leave behind? Aware of this or not, your life is one long TRACE.

Editorial team

Aimee Baars, Christopher Clarkson, Jan Pruszyński, Nicole van Roij, Federico Ruiz, Chun Kit 'CK' Wong

With contributions from

Krittika Agarwal, Tipp Bongers, Ieva Davulyte, Dorsa Ghaemi, Arvid de Haan, Dirk Hoogeveen, Paul Vermeulen

Cover design by

Editorial Team


New Year's resolutions are often made to start the year afresh, imagining a 'better me' and leaving past fears, mistakes and embarrassing moments behind. However, to our disappointment, no 1st of January, no 'it's a new day tomorrow',  can ever fully wipe out vivid, sometimes haunting, flashbacks and memories. They live within us, both the good and the bad and carry them around everywhere we go. Our previous actions don't only affect us, but leave traces in others, both people and spaces.

As we are progressing towards a more digitally based and controlled society, traces have become less analogue and tangible. Every day, our physical movements on the earth are transferred up high, into the clouds. However, at some point, these big data are unravelled by algorithms and, through layers and layers of infrastructure, find their way back to the world in the form of pouring asphalt to relieve congestion, planting trees to increase neighborhood liveability or genetically modified fields of produce. Digital traces once again become material, the cycle is complete. Thus, landscapes are in fact layers of traces, offering an infinite source of knowledge and inspiration.

This issue starts off with an intruiging local landscape close to home, the 'wall of fame' on the first floor of BK City. A true detective, Federico retraced its origin and symbolism in his article 'Writing on the Wall'. Head over to pages 4-8 to gain some clarity. Furthermore, within the editorial team we have been questing traces of our own. In our article 'A Decade of Bnieuws' (pages 14-18) Aimee has chronicled the past decade of Bnieuws publications. This has turned out to be as much constructive as inspirational, since we have re-introduced the "Streets of BK City", presenting opinions, thoughts and activities from students and staff in BK. You can find this month Streets of BK City on page 32: "Which object represents spolia for you?"

Spolia, another word associative to traces, which can be described as leftovers or 'spoils' of a building. The aging of buildings becomes visible through chronological inscriptions; the overlay of material traces etched by use, weather conditions, vandalism, even by war. In his article 'Traces of War' (pages 26-27) Jan discusses the roses of Sarajevo: red-resin filled craters from mortar damage which have become silent and small memorial sites of their own. In many ways material traces are imprints of the past, of memories, which through interpretation take on symbolic meaning, more than merely an ink stain on the cover of a magazine.

We wish you a memorable 2020,

The Bnieuws Editorial Team


Writing on the Wall

BK Report


For over a decade, the “Wall of Names” was one of the many celebratory monuments of BK. Furthermore, it represented, by action or omission, what our faculty accepted to be the paradigms of relevance, achievement and success in architecture. Now that it is gone, understanding this wall and its background might open a window for questioning the way in which we created a monument that was supposed to represent an international and diverse community and ended up normalising gender inequality and colonialism.

Inscribing Spaces

From the editors


Leave your mark locker

From the editors


Thank you for smoking

BK Report


A Decade of Bnieuws

BK Report


Misleading Memories

Pen Pal


Tracing Archaeology

From the editors


Hybrid Timber Construction



Traces of War

From the editors


Living Dead

Pen Pal


Artefact: Het Roltafeltje



Streets of BK City: Student Spolia

BK Report


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