How can you feel a place when you can only see it? We constantly use our eyes to go around and read clues about our surroundings, yet we heavily rely on all other senses to understand and connect to the places we navigate. What happens if there is no sound or smell and you cannot touch it?

The installation of vision attempts to create a feeling of space without depending on other senses. It aims for you to ‘’see’’ the voices of water in its different forms, the sublime rumbling of the stones and whispers in between water ripples. The falling, cracking and melting of snow. Or the soft sound of the moss. The installation tries to evoke one’s imagination by focusing on the texture of places. What first seems a still-standing image will let you imagine the life it provides and bears within and around itself. Try to reimagine what you think and know by diving into the textures of the Alps. What or maybe who can you read in-between the patterns? What are they telling you?