By no means does this installation display the perfect chair. It is made out of relatively cheap softwood, the spacing between the slats of the seating and backrest might feel slightly uncomfortable, and the joints could fit better. Nevertheless, this chair might just be the perfect fit for you. It is particularly concerned with proprioception; the sense of self-movement, force and body position.

Proprioception plays a significant role in our perception of the built environment. You may only perceive the immense height of skyscrapers truly by walking though urban space while bending your neck to see buildings disappear in the clouds. Or you may get annoyed by the low ceiling in the attic that causes them to search through old boxes while constantly having to lean forward. 

It is this kind of perception – the one within your body – that occurs as well when you sit down in a chair, with its specific height and angles. And every single person develops their own ‘proprioceptive preferences’, depending on the properties of their body (small, tall, etc.) and the desired activity in the chair (lounging, dining, etc.).

This installation invites you to encounter the perfect fit of its previous user, to adjust the seating and backrest according to your preferences, and to leave it for the next person to encounter with.

Can’t get enough of chairs? The travelling exhibition Redesign Rietveld is now temporarily open for visitors in the main hall of the TU Delft Library. The exhibition takes you through sixty interpretative odes to the iconic Rietveld chair. The Library offers the Redesign Rietveld exhibition as an example and a challenge for students to design their own Rietveld chair interpretation. There will be monetary prizes for first, second, and third place! Selected chairs will be showcased as part of a virtual exhibition in the library.