The most important quality of podcasts for me personally is how they let me optimise my time. Since I’ve started studying architecture, I’ve found it quite hard to find time to learn something entirely new or just read about my other interests and hobbies. Podcasts allow me to do it while doing something else entirely: walking, driving, commuting or working out. I’ve actually started listening to podcasts every time I was washing dishes, a chore that I really hated, to make it a little bit more fun, and now I kind of... enjoy it. It has become one of my ‘podcast times’ during the day, that I really look forward to.

Podcasts are very much like audiobooks, however with each episode being usually a finished product, they are way more approachable and you can always choose what you want to listen to at the moment.

I’ve been listening to podcasts for years, I’m subscribed to countless different ones and they cover pretty much the whole scope of things that interest me, including architecture. Considering that we don’t learn anything about the business of architecture or how to start our own company you really should be listening to some of them to stay on top of your game.

I have chosen several of my favourite podcasts, which talk about all things architecture, from theory and history, through programs used in the profession, to starting your own office. Here are the ones I really recommend to both aspiring and battle-hardened architects (you can find all the links in the electronic version of Bnieuws or just google them.)


It’s a great place to learn about the current state of the profession, as well as all the good and bad things about it. Each episode is a casual conversation between three hosts (and sometime guests), who are American architects working at different kinds of offices, so you get quite a wide view at how the profession works.

The Architecture Happy Hour

Probably my favourite architecture-related podcast. It covers topics and tips ranging from home design and improvement, interior design and even tips on selecting a contractor. You can learn much from the hosts when it comes to everyday architects’ life.

Monocle 24: The Urbanist

Each episode is only around 5 minutes long and takes one place, building, bridge or park bench and expands the topic to lead the listener on a global journey — while keeping it casual. With an influential audience of city mayors, urban planners and architects, this is Monocle’s guide to making better cities, be it new technology, state-of-the-art subways or compact apartments.

Buildings On Air

This one’s actually fun because I disagree with them on many topics. The show tries to tackle the big and small issues of being an architect, including the politics and how we, as architects, can work to improve the world around us. Can we?

A History of Architecture, the Fundamental Process

If, like me, you have trouble finding time to read all the architectural history and theory books you should have already read ages ago, this one’s certainly for you. In this podcast, David Getzin (with collaborators) provides the listener with a unique perspective on architectural history and the theory — and practice — of design.

About Buildings + Cities

This one covers a lot of different topics, however overall it’s about architecture, buildings and cities, from the distant past to the present day. There’s also quite a few detours into technology, film, fiction, comics, drawings, and the dimly imagined future. Altogether, always an interesting listen.

These are the ones, which I try to stay up to date with. There’s countless others about art and design I could have included here, however I’ve decided to stay closer to architecture-themed ones. Check them out and let us know what you think!